3 Unimagined Daily Benefits Your Business Competitor Enjoys by Joining a Group

A Group Meeting: 3 Unimagined Daily Benefits Your Business Competitor Enjoys by Joining a Group
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Joining a group is another resource out there, only one of you is leveraging.

Seth Godin says there are only 2 statement we use when it comes to our competitors.

1. We say:

Our competitors are too smart, and more intelligent than we are. The bottom line is — We don't stand a chance.

2. We say:

Our competitors are too dumb and lazy that they can’t take a hint. The bottom line is — They’re a walk over

Well, Seth says neither of these statements are true. And I firmly agree.


You and your competitor both have the same brain, time and resources. It all depends on how well, either of you, leverage them.

Joining a group is another resource out there, only one of you is leveraging.

Joining a group on Facebook, joining a WhatsApp group, joining a Google group, or joining a Focus group, comes with numerous benefits — as long as those groups resonate with you.

Surely, you've heard numerous pros of joining groups/communities — to build a strong network, to gain experience, to learn from the best, to find better opportunities to grow, etcetera.

But today, I'll share with you 3 unimagined daily benefits your business competitor relishes by joining a group.

Your competitor enjoys low blood pressure

No one wants their life to flash before their eyes because their blood pressure suddenly shoots up.

You're definitely thinking —

“Uhmm, how does that happen? It’s not like his group members are actually "high blood pressure inhibitor" right? Pfff.....hey, tell me you’re joking?”

Hey Buddy, I am not.

The great Oprah Winfrey says:

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. ”

Why do you think Oprah Winfrey and Tai Lopez created book clubs?

The simple truth is if you surround yourself with people who will lift you higher, you’re excited to learn more.

Your energy level increases.

And due to this, Scientists say the endorphin hormone circulates in your system.

Your stress level experiences a drastic decrease.

And your blood pressure follows suit.

A Group Discussion on a Topic: 3 Unimagined Daily Benefits Your Business Competitor Enjoys by Joining a Group
Photo by fauxels from Pexels

See! Joining a group works like a charm.

Look, I don't say the group won't experience bad times. But during those bad times, they ensure they pull through together.

Through good and bad, they lift each other up.

And that alone warms you up inside amidst the cold, dreadful disaster.

That’s an Oxytocin shot to your system.

How did you feel the last time you got in trouble, knowing your friends had your back?

How do you feel hanging out with your best of friends?

Now, how would you feel hanging with people who share your interests plus they're exact versions your best friends?

In case you haven't figured.

You'll feel a deep sense of belonging, wholehearted trust, and a strong emotional bond, which miraculously reduces your blood pressure.

That's what your competitor enjoys.

Your competitor enjoys improved Mental health

“Beautiful people
Drop top, designer clothes
Front row at fashion shows
What d'you do?" and "Who d'you know?"

Inside the world of beautiful people
Champagne and rolled-up notes
Prenups and broken homes
Surrounded, but still alone
Let's leave the party

That's not who we are...” — Lyrics of Beautiful people by Ed sheeran and Khalid

Do you feel “surrounded, but still alone” on Social media?

Yes, I know.

Social media has its pros. That's probably how you met your mentor, your friends, or your partner.

But have you successfully cut out the turbulent noise of the web constantly clouding your mind?

Neil Patel, a marketer extraordinaire, says groups help you cut through that noise and focus on the important stuffs.

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

He says:

“Niche groups do what Facebook can’t. They cut through the digital noise and create safe spaces to discuss specific topics without judgment, trolling, and unrelated content getting in the way.

What I love about these sites is that people get to tap into a hive of shared knowledge.

It’s a source of incredible concentrated value you can’t find on your Instagram feed. You get to grow professionally, network, and eventually, give back to the community by helping someone else.” — Neil Patel

Now, what do you think would happen to conditions such as stress, depression, and anxiety that affect one's mental health?

It disappears *poof* like a whisper in the wind.


Three words. Strong emotional support.

Yes! The impact caused by those 3 words greatly improves your mental health.

As a result, your business experiences positive impact on productivity and profits.

And that’s what your competitor enjoys.

So, by joining a group, your competitor enjoys reduced blood pressure and an improved mental health.

What's the 3rd benefit?

Your competitor enjoys Mega Adaptability Potential

Ask Crypto traders “What’s up!”

They don’t know everything. But, the ability to stay up-to-date and devise adaptive mechanisms, enables the great traders to spend millions on Ferraris, Real Estate, and have enough to invest back.

And how do they stay updated?

In addition to analytics sites like Coin Market Cap amongst others, the groups they join play a vital role.

John Sonmez, one of the most ground breaking programmers in the world, acknowledged that he made a huge mistake at a point in his career.

He says:

“I used to think I was a real hot shot.

I used to think I could conquer the entire world all by myself with just an IDE and a mechanical keyboard.

I was limited by my own ideas and perspective and I was filtering out anything that didn’t agree with my preconceived notions of how software should be developed.

The reason why I was caught in this trap, wasn’t because I was a big jerk. No, it was because I was so isolated. I wasn’t part of the community. I was in my own little world.” — John Sonmez

Having an outside perspective helps you think of a problem in a new way or see a path you didn’t see before.

As a result, your ability to adapt levitates.

Who would have thought he would be able to shift his perspective a bit?

That's the power of joining a group.

That's what your competitor enjoys.


Amongst reduced blood pressure, improved mental health, and increased adaptability potential, there are more benefits of joining groups/communities that have remained unmentioned.

And all these directly impacts your business and daily life as a whole.

But, it’s your call now.

What group in your niche will you join today?



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