How to setup your React JS environment in few minutes.

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Resources needed for setting up your react JS environment

# IDE alias text editor

Text editor

There are so many IDEs you can use but i prefer visual studio code (VScode).

So in this article, we’ll be using VScode as the IDE.

I have provided the download link for windows or mac below;

# Node JS

The second most important resource you need to proceed is the node JS


We just need to use the Node Package Manager(npm) from the node JS exe.

Here is the download link for the node JS exe.

Once they are all setup, you can open your VScode.

Setting up your react JS app environment

Are you ready? Lets GO!

Creating your react app

As for mine, it would be “awesome project”.

  • Open your terminal on the top of your menu bar on your VScode
  • Run “npx create-react-app app”

“app” can be the name of the folder you created or an app name of your choice.

Mine is;

npx create-react-app awesome-project

When it successfully installs, the last three sentences would be:

Note: “myfirstproject “ in my case is “awesome-project”

cd awesome-project

npm start

Happy hacking!

  • Change your directory to the folder you created. Type this in your terminal

cd awesome-project

After starting the running “npm start” on your terminal, your local host would be like this;

On VScode, your folder setup would be like this;

Loved it so far right?

Now you have a fully functioning react app environment at your disposal.

If you have read up this point, i have a bonus tip for you .


Installation of npx on your computer

click HERE

I hope this has helped you a lot through out the installation process.

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Let’s jump into the basics right here.

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