‘If You Want To Be A Successful Writer, Don't Write Diary Posts!’ Is Terrible Advice

Here’s why!

4 min readJan 12, 2022


If You Want To Be A Successful Writer, Don’t Write Diary Posts!’ Is Terrible Advice
Photo by Siva Adithya from Pexels

The sky is so blue and bright. Bright like how you would smile when your crush says they like you back.

The generator screamed like a raging monster in the background. Yet, as I gazed at the mesmerizing sky, the warm feeling in my heart blocked out its awfully painful noise.

It all felt calming as I stared with my almost teary eyes – and precious as the soft moving breeze kissed my pink coloured cheeks.

It was New Year's eve and I was awestruck.

In what felt like seconds, 10 minutes went by, and I inhaled softly, recovering from the spell I was under, then shuddered slightly as I exhaled.

I remembered why I was staring so intensely at the calming blue sky.

A diary post.

If you want to succeed, never write diary posts!

That statement repeated itself like an endless echo in my head.

But why can't I write a diary post?

Does it mean the movies we watch, the articles we read, or the songs we listen to, isn't from the creator's daily experience?

Dear diary,

I wrote 5 letters for 5 of my dearest crushes and hid them in a box. Now they've been sent out to them. And I've to face the consequences. I'll give you the deets (details).

Isn't that a diary entry from a person which turned into a blockbuster franchise?

Dear diary,

Here's why I'll never f****** freelance again! Get ready for my full-on rant.

By Tom Kuegler. That post sparked like fireworks as it soar into the sky. Yes, it went viral.

Dear diary,

I went out today. I met a bunch of creators. They said they really appreciated my work and presence.

They felt gratitude and pure inspiration as they saw and engaged with me. Some of them had questions which I gladly answered.

In entirety, I feel happy with today's events. Let me share it with you in detail.

Most Gary Vee's video are like this. And they're getting thousands of views and likes.

Dear diary,

I was scrolling through Tik Tok and I saw this guy using a bunch of needless gadgets to wear a shoe. To top it all off, he's perfectly fine like I am .

Mehn! Can't you just wear your shoe like this?! It's that easy.

And that's how Khaby Lame became the 2nd most followed Tiktoker in the world.

Dear diary,

Remember the developer I hire 15 days ago? I just fired him. He wasn't pissing me off...but you'll never believe why I fired him today.

Get ready for the details!

By Entreprogrammer. And that story went viral in May. Don’t you remember?

Dear diary,

I abandoned my cats' Instagram account with 15k followers. That's crazy. I know. But, I don't regret it. I am gonna tell you why right now.

By Zulie Rane. Same result. Pure virality in April.

You’re Creating, But You’re Not Creating Stuff You Want To Create

Every freaking content comes from our daily experiences. Guess what! That's a diary post.

The same type of 'Dear diary' posts I've mentioned throughout this article.

And you know what....

They all skyrocketed.

If you say I shouldn't write about myself, my experiences....what else should I write about? Any ideas?

If I write a diary post in an intriguing, compelling, practical and valuable way that evokes the right emotion in my reader, I'll succeed.

That's why I called BS on that advice.

If You give this Advice Often, Don’t Click Away Yet — Read This

Okay, I’ve bashed this advice well enough, it’s time for me to redeem it. I saved the last part of my article for a little redemption.

Writing is hard — therefore it teaches you a lot of lessons.

You’re the one who has to compel and intrigue your reader. You’ve to communicate clearly and resonate with them.

What you don’t know in the moment, though, is that we don’t always have to find something that resonates with our audience from a void.

Take your diary post and have it resonate with that one person you wish to transform their life.

Viewing from your perspective, that advice came from a place where people write diary posts in narcissistic ways.

It, therefore, hurts their writing and their journey to become successful writers.

I get the fact that many people come to you lamenting furiously about stagnation in their writing journey.

You help review their posts. And then, they find the posts self-centered and narcissistic.

This advice is actually the best first step they can take towards being better in my opinion.

It’s sort of like rehab for them.

They train themselves to write compelling pieces, and hopefully reach thousands.

I wouldn’t be who I am without that advice, but us humans need to keep evolving. That advice was just a stepping stone for me to share something bigger.

And that’s why I’ll never follow that advice ever again.

That, I concluded as I plopped down on my seat, now fully realizing I was at my work station at home, as I'd left the outside porch.

As my hand reached for my mouse giddily, I smiled ear to ear as I planned my next article.

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