Stress is the root cause of our declining productivity. Let’s reduce it

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The React Build Tutorial: Here is how this works!

My Todo App built with the useReducer hook of React and hosted with Firebase
Screenshot by Author
Contents· 1. Creating a React App
React App Installation
Here is how this works!
React Project Clean-up
· 2. Setting the Todo…

I call it the Resolute template. So, buckle up.

Exterminating tutorial hell. Man smiling so hard
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An open letter to Zendaya.

Better You
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Soft skills are more important than you think. Here's a detailed breakdown and how you can improve yours.

Soft Skills at Workplace: This is What the Vast Majority of Programmers Just Don’t Understand.
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Your solution awaits you right now.

You Shouldn’t Learn What’s on the Futuristic Trend List: 3 Underrated Reasons Why, Your solution awaits you right now.
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Hey Friend, you've found your Fantastic 3.

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These YouTube channels will make up your toolbox.

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Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

Use These 12 YouTube channels to Improve Your Web Development Skills.
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Contents  Learning the Basics of Web Development

Building website…


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